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Okay, I wanted to know what was going on down there..So I joined..And it said if I joined I could find out what was going on down there..BUT I still don't know..What the fuck?
Ohh yeah and cause I love Alyssa Ann Karry Very much<3
But I still think this thing is REALLY wierd and stalkerish/obbsessive.
I'm kinda digging it though.

But to me this seem's like some twisted physco Cult..I dunno. But I guess I'll join because I miss Alyssa and I can look at hott pictures of her everytime I come to this community, ya know?

Umm yeah..Josh and Phillip you guy's are fuckers:D

Why is it AlyssaKarryfanZ and not Fans? You're all black.

Ashley ditched her ex-bitch-friend Natalie Brennen for the hip-new Alyssa Karry.
^^ That's the coolest part of the biography. Hip-new Alyssa..I'm laughing really hard right now...hahhahah!!

Okie uhh Later Kiddo's

__Ashleyyyy belgggggerrrrr

Woohoo I updated!! I'm cool
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