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October, 1989, a wonderful girl was born. Her mother was named Anita Karry, she was a wonderful mother. She decided to name her daughter Alyssa Karry, after the popular Texan based flower Alyssums. Ever since Alyssa was a baby girl she was just a little social butterfly. She used to play outside in the sun with her silky blonde hair (which later turned to dark brown as she aged.)

Many years later, Alyssa moved to Michigan. But, Alyssa did not always find happiness here. When Alyssa first moved in, she obviously didn't know very many people. But right away, she met a girl named Ashley Belger. Short after, Ashley ditched her ex-bitch-friend Natalie Brennen for the hip-new Alyssa Karry. Alyssa and Ashley started making new friends, such as Alex Grivas, Erica Boughton, and Heater. Many of them are still friends with the great Alyssa.

In eighth grade, thats when things really took off for Alyssa. She met a kid names Josh Schirle in seventh grade, but didn't become great friends with him untill the next year. Josh introduced Alyssa to Phillip accidentaly, through a Journalism interivew (Gump-Goth.) The three of them, and Laura Mae Teets, shortly after became a great quintet. Later adding the likes of Natalie Lewis-Stotts, Tawny Craner, and more.

Later in the year, Josh and Alyssa went to a party; it was Evelyn Malcoms party. That night Alyssa and Josh met a girl named Stephanie Kitchens. Alyssa and Stephanie became best friends not long after that. Alyssa liked Stephanie so much, that she lived with her! They had some great times together, but she still managed to be friends with everybody else. Alyssa is also known for making such friendships as Josh Schirle and Ashley Belger, Phillip Thompson and Tawny Craner, and Laura Teets and Natalie Lewis-Stotts.

Lets not forget about Alyssa's love life! She has been famous for such boyfriends as Bernie, Dennis, Kiel, Matt Teets, and many more! Alyssa's love life is not very complicated, it's quite simple actually. Alyssa only has shown true deep soul hearted love to all of her boyfriends. Lets say this, Alyssa Ann Karry is an AWSOME lover.

Later in the year, August to be exact. The saddest day in New Baltimore history came. Alyssa had always been talking about moving back to Texans one day, but nobody would ever think she would actually do it. Yes, the day finaly came, and Alyssa packed her bags, kissed everyone goodbye, and moved to Texas with the rest of her family. Ever since then, Anchor Bay Schools have not been the same. Here are some quotes that prove Alyssa Karry is missed.

"Who could forget Alyssa Karry, she was fucking awsome!" ~ Christina Desantis
"All the Mexicans hate you because your name means the devil." ~ Phillip Thompson
"Alyssa, muchor amor amigo!" ~ Josh Schirle

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